Mindfulness Facilitator, Holistic Writer, and Multidisciplinary Artist.

My Story

Since about the age of 6 years old, I'd been dealt the hand of emotional and mental abandonment, verbal abuse and physical violence from parental guides, authoritative figures, and peers.

My suffering showed up in my body and behavior, and although I'd been active in sports for most of my life, I struggled with self-esteem, negative subconscious beliefs, and a chaotic disfunction in my household that led me to deep, suicidal depression.

Over the past 10 years I've dedicated my studies and teachings to those needing safe spaces to heal their wounds. Remembering Where Home Is, is an ode to cultivating self-regulation through mindfulness to be better for ourselves, as well as the generations after us.

We heal together through love, somatics, language, accountability, and compassion.


Sage Magazine

"The world’s first international Black-owned magazine for like-minded creatives in fashion, beauty, health + wellness and the arts. Together, we inspire creatives worldwide by unapologetically sharing the stories + art of our community and beyond."

Double Check by Devin Williams

"Double Check depicts an intimate reflection of Williams environment, work, and figures placed along with scrapbook motifs that breathes awareness into the viewer. Amidst chaotic atmospheres, the photographs dig into an environment that captures fleeting moments and emotions, presented in compositions that encourages the viewer to bypass the usual analyzations and break through to reflection led by emotion"

Break From The Screen by Devin Williams

“A Break From the Screen” is a beautiful sequence of verbal and visual material from Devin and contributors Léon Sarfoh, DonJuan Staples, Shadarian Corona Green and Zelooperz that offers a view of life thru intentional and tangible interactions."


Aura Awakening Radio

In this episode we discuss ShaDarian's experience growing up as an athlete and her time living in upstate New York, discovering yoga in college. Details about what it's like teaching yoga to large groups of people for special events

The Methodology

"After experiencing emotional and physical trauma as a child, teen, and even adult, ShaDarian leaned into her own superpower, and that was to make the choice to heal. Now she assists...."

My Thoughts Podcast

Is the yoga industry right for you?


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